Kennel Legacy of Columbos




Frodo is # 1 BMD in DK 2015 - so so happy & gratefull

Another show season has come to its end - and what a year - For the fourth year in a row my precious Frodo Aka Sennetta´s Columbo is #1 BEST MALE in the Danish Bernese Mountain Dog Club - He is also #1 BMD in DENMARK both in our Breed Club but also in The Danish Kennel Club. On top of it all he is #1 STUD DOG in Denmark - He is amazing my Frodo - LOVE HIM TO THE MOON AND BACK HjerteHjerteHjerte-Thanks to Lisbet & Jens for letting me have this soulmate, thanks to all the judges for appreciating him, and thanks to our puppy buyers for showing his off spring so well - All my Best wishes to you all for A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Sennetta´s Columbo was BOB/BIS at our Christmas Specialty in Strib - 89 BMD´s entered - Judge Mr. Kresten Scheel, DK

Holland Winner show

11. december 2015 Holland Winner Show - Harthin's Quarterback - Best Puppy 8 months old.

WW13 INTCH NORDCH DKCH SECH FICH NOCH KLBCH HKW12 DKKV12 DKKV14 KBHV14 DKV15 KBHV14 DBSKV12 DBSKV13 DBSKV14 DBSKV15 Sennetta's Columbo was Best of Breed - so so happy and grateful - thanks to judge: Mr Fabrizio La Rocca, IT for appreciating my dogs

I have been approved as a breeder by The Danish Kennel Club, and have an official Kennel name registered by FCI: Kennel Legacy of Columbos - what other than a praise to my precious Columbo aka Frodo Hjerte

Harthin´s Quarterback 7 months old - 7th show - 7th BOB Puppy/Baby
WW13, INTCH, NORDCH, DKCH, SECH, FICH, NOCH, KLBCH, DKKV12, DKKV14, DKKV15, HKW12, KBHV14, DKV15, DBSKV12, DBSKV13, DBSKV14, DBSKV15 Sennetta´s Columbo - September 2014
DKK Int. Show in Herning 1th november 2015 - Sennetta´s Columbo was BOB & DANSK VINDER 2015, thank you so much judge; Mr Guido Schäfer, DE
EDS Specialty in Norway, September 2015, thank to judges: Ms Satu Ylä-Mononen, FI & Ms Helen Davenport-Willis, UK for appreciating my Frodo
Int. DKK Show Bornholm August 2015 - Sennetta´s Columbo was BOB both days & BIG 4, thanks to Breed Judges: Ms Birthe Scheel, DK & Mr Jens Utke Ramsing, DK
Int. DKK Show Bornholm August 2015 - Harthin´s Quarterback - First show - 2 x BOB Baby - BIS 2 & BIS 4 - so amazed and proud of this little guy, thanks to breed judges; Ms Birthe Scheel, DK & Mr Jens Utke Ramsing, DK and Group Judge: Mr. Jørgen Hindse, DK
BOB & BIS 2 Baby - happy happy
Sennetta´s Columbo BOB & BIG 3 at DKK Int. Show in Vejen, June 2015; thanks to judge: Mr. Günther Ehrenreich, AT
We have a new family member - Harthin´s Quarterback son of Sennetta´s Columbo has moved in
Harthin´s Quarterback aka Batman - so precious and lots of fun


Frodo holds 23 CACIBS and 35 Best of Breed now, so proud of my special boy

So far in 2015 - 13 times BOB & BIG 2, 3 & 4 twice - he is amazing


-6. April 2015 A litter of 7 girl & 1 boy was born at Kennel Harthin´s

Father Sennetta´s Columbo, mother Harthin´s Nobody Like Nathalie, no puppies available.

-15. May 2015, 2 big boys were born at Kennel Berner Emmas, father Sennetta´s Columbo, mother Berner Emmas Babette - no puppies available

-19. May 2015, Puppies expected at Martha McCorminck´s in US, father Sennetta´s Columbo, Mother Fortuneias Una Rosa Luminosa

More about puppies or matings under - Offspring

Show of Winners 2015

Frodo was fantastic - he didn´t put a paw wrong at this year´s prestigious SHOW OF WINNERS in Denmark - we went all the way to the semi finals where we were beaten by the Puli - which later proved to be this years Winner of Winners  - it was a fantastic day  -  we are suckers for spotlight, sequins & music - thanks to Judge: Hans Erhard Grüttner & Ulf Fjeldsted & his fantastic team of dedicated people behind this event!

Show of Winners 2015


I´m so happy!!!

The O-litter from Kennel Harthin´s has now been x-rayed with excellent results.

Father. Sennetta´s Columbo

Mother: Harthin´s Nobody Like Nathalie

Harthin´s Orlando: HD A, ED 0, OCD Clear

Harthin´s O´Connor: HD A, ED 0, OCD Clear

Harthin´s Olivia: HD B/C, ED 0, OCD Clear

Harthin´s O´Neill: HD A, ED 0, OCD Clear


Autum 2012
Love this picture - Thanks Mari Anne
WORLD WINNER & BOB 2013 at WDS in Hungary Sennetta´s Columbo is WORLD WINNER 2013!!!!!!! Thanks to judge Ms Barbara Müller for this forever memorable moment
Our family
Sennetta´s Columbo (Frodo) & Harthin´s Quarterback (Batman) are family dogs and they live their life in the northern part of Zealand, Denmark. Our familiy consists of Frodo & son, my husband and I, and our two children Frederik (11) & Emilia (14).
Our Life
Frodo lives his life with a very laid back attitude. He greets everyone who visits our house with the same friendly attitude. You can´t excatly say the same about Batman - this little boy is full of energy & attitude and I´m looking so much foreward to start working with him.
Dog showing takes up a lot of time for Frodo and I, and I really enjoy this hobby, travelling around Denmark and Europe spending time with other "crazy" dog-lovers.